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Included in all of our packages

Timeline Management and Floorplan Creation

The timeline we create for your wedding day will serve as the blueprint for a successful event. No detail is too small to exclude - our goal is to centralize information to ensure everyone knows what to expect. We work with you to design a detailed floor plan that considers logistical needs, event design, flow, rentals, and decor. Once this is finalized, we distribute everything to your vendors for easy execution.

Rental Coordination and Management

Rentals are a crucial portion of the planning process. We take your vision, your venue's inventory, and your event's rental needs and make sure you're getting the right amounts at the right price. We'll also manage applicable rental needs of your other vendors, saving you from extra coordinating costs.

Helping Hands from Set Up to Clean Up

We truly want you and your loved ones to enjoy your wedding day. Let us handle the setup of your decor and personal items. We'll manage your vendors throughout the event, as well as clean up at the end of the night. No one should have to work their own wedding - especially after months of planning!

Guidance and Expertise

You can release that breath you've been holding - we've got your back! Each step of the way we're here to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, and provide experienced advice. You'll also receive guides on countless topics: wedding websites, vendor gratuity, marriage licenses, traditions, and much more. Email communication with your planner is unlimited - we want you feeling supported.

Tailored Vendor Recommendations and Contract Review

No matter where you are in the vendor process, we curate a custom list of recs based on your style and budget. You'll also get access to our Little Pink Book: a tried and true vendor directory with over 200 partners. We always review your contracts with a professional eye so you can book with confidence.

BABS - Your Personal Planning Portal

We're big on organization, so we make each couple a custom planning portal we call BABS that includes essential tools and folders to house your contracts, documents, and inspiration all in one place. The best part? It's integrated with Google Drive so each document updates in real time.

Core Services
Planning Packages

wedding Planning Packages

The Ultimate

Wedding Weekend Planning & Event Design, Styling, Vendor Communication, and Day of Management 

When you want to indulge in a highly curated and luxurious full wedding weekend experience, our Ultimate package is the level of service you are looking for. As the most comprehensive package we offer, this full planning package allows you to dream a little deeper about your perfect wedding. From the pre-planning process through the entire wedding weekend, your Lead Planner will lead the path at every turn of your wedding planning journey.



the Premiere

Design Consultation and Day of Management

The Premiere is our most popular package for a reason. We provide logistical and design support throughout the process to help you develop and realize your unique vision. More meetings and dedicated design time with your planner ensures that every detail is thoughtfully designed and executed. This package is for you if you have a vision for your day but want professional help bringing it to life. Your wedding should be as beautiful as your Pinterest board - let us make it happen! 



The deluxe

Planning & Event Design, Vendor Communication, and Day of Management

Spend less time doing mundane wedding planning tasks and focus more on bringing together the meaningful details. In this full-service package we lead the design, vendor outreach, planning, and communication. If you're looking for the guidance of a seasoned professional to bring your vision to life, the deluxe is for you. More meetings, more management, and more care to detail ensures nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to celebrating your love story.



The signature

Day of Management

A great day starts with a great plan. We provide resources, guidance when needed, and a handful of check in meetings along the way to manage your event logistics and take the stress off when it comes to the wedding day. We provide you with the peace of mind knowing that the details have been cross-checked. The last thing we want is for you or your family to work your weding day. Have an expert solve problems, arrange your decor, manage your vendors, and oversee cleanup to ensure the best day possible.



ask a planner

Standalone Planning Consultations

Ask A Planner is an alternative to our package services if your budget doesn't allow for it. These consultations allow you to ask a professional questions about specific wedding topics (i.e. your budget) to evaluate your plan and gather experienced insight. Best of all, you'll get access to helpful tools, templates, and guides we use for our full service clients. A consultation with a professional is a great option if you don't want to make a full commitment to hiring a planner.



Custom is our middle name. We know that every wedding has a different set of wants and needs. Below you'll find a list of a la carte services you can add at any time. Questions? Just ask!

The difference in package cost will be invoiced at the current rate. All fees once paid, are nonrefundable. Add-ons are only applicable to Wedding Planning Packages, not Ask A Planner Consultations.

Travel Fee


(starting price)

If your venue is within 30 miles from our regional office, we are happy to waive our travel fee! We love working all over the PNW, but the miles can add up quickly when we're driving out for essential meetings like walkthroughs, rehearsals and wedding days. Our travel fees are exactly the standard IRS rate that we pay our planners for drive time for the necessary onsite meetings - nothing more!

Overnight fees only apply to venues 90 miles away from our regional office, but this is to ensure we are there for you at a moments notice and our planners are safe at the end of the night. Questions? We are more than happy to break everything down for you.

Venue Search*


flat fee

You don't have to wait to book a planner until you have a venue. We'd love to help you find your dream venue and narrow down the options based on your budget, needs, and priorities.

*This Venue Search price is only applicable as an add-on to a wedding planning package. If you are interested in a partner to help you in a Venue Search without committing to a planner, check out our Ask A Planner - Venue Search and Consultation.

Design Service & Consultation Add-On


flat fee

Available to add on to Signature Packages or Auxiliary Events (brunch, rehearsal dinner). We are more than happy to be your design expert to assist with achieving a cohesive design! Some couples feel like they don't need the number of planning meetings and day-of hours in the Premiere Package, but still want design expertise and guidance from the beginning. This Add-On is great if you have a base but don't know what the details look like or how to make your vision a reality.

Our Design Service Add-On includes:

  • (1) design questionnaire designed to help narrow down your vision

  • (1) walkthrough to discuss design and layout in the earlier stages

  • (1) custom design board to ensure a cohesive event and act as a guide for all your design-focused vendors throughout the planning process

  • (2) hours of design consultation to discuss and expand on your ideas, and make revisions to the design as needed

Design Review Meeting Add-On


flat fee

Available to add onto the Signature Package. Most couples who book the Signature have a solid vision for their wedding and want to handle the wedding design and planning. This Add-On is geared toward those who have a vision but want an expert to bounce ideas off of and figure out how to make it a reality (without spending countless ideas inquiring and researching). In this meeting, one of our design experts (3+ years of wedding design experience) and your lead planner will help you dig through your ideas and/or your Pinterest board, steer you in the right direction toward a cohesive vision, and share real, local solutions so you feel secure in your design plan.

Our Design Review Add-On includes:

  • (1) Design questionnaire designed to help narrow down your vision

  • Up to (1) hour of design consultation to discuss and expand on your ideas

  • A follow up of local vendors, solutions, and/or expertise to help you with your wedding design

Administrative Services / Vendor Outreach Add-On


per vendor

(Note: this service is included in our Deluxe and Ultimate packages, but can be added on for Signature and Premiere packages).


Building your vendor team can be a full time job: from researching, to inquiring / checking for availability, to the pricing and info gathering, to just knowing what questions to ask before you book... it's an important but time consuming part of the planning process. This add-on means we will do all the above for you for any vendor(s) of your choosing. We'll inquire, gather info, vet vendors for you, set up consultations, and narrow down options so you have the the info you need to decide who is the best fit for you. We'll also communicate your vision with them throughout the planning process and make sure they have all the info they need, so you don't have to worry if you're missing something. Our couples find this service most useful for booking their caterers, florists, photographers or lighting services. Busy couples who want to make the decisions for their wedding but just don't have the time find our Deluxe Package the most helpful- you're time is valuable! Let us help you keep more of it. 

Rehearsal Dinner Coordination and Planning Add-On


(starting price)

Planners are always present at rehearsal dinners for processional/recessional walkthroughs, but clients may add on coordination services for the dinner portion if desired. The base of this add-on includes assistance in finding the location, vendors and 2 planners onsite for 6 hours. This can also be combined with the Design Add-On to make sure your guests are wowed throughout the whole weekend.

Reach out and let us know what you are envisioning for your rehearsal dinner so we can send you an accurate proposal.

Welcome Event or Day-After Brunch Event 


(starting price)

Many of our couples want help planning and coordinating additional events during their wedding weekend so they and their family can really relax and enjoy the weekend. The base of this add-on includes assistance in finding the location, vendors and 2 planners onsite for 6 hours. This can also be combined with the Design Add-On to make sure your guests are wowed throughout the whole weekend.


If you are interested in adding this on to your package, reach out to us so we  provide a customized proposal. 

Additional Planning Meeting


per meeting

Clients can chose to add on a planning meeting at any time during the planning process. Planning meetings are a great way to spend extra time developing a timeline, reviewing décor lists, discussing potential plan changes, etc.

Additional Rental Meeting


per mtg

One to two rental meetings are included in every package, but clients can schedule an additional meeting with their planner if desired. This can be to change the rental design direction or review an additional rental option with a planners guidance and design expertise.

Additional travel costs may be applicable.

Additional Venue Walk Thru


per walk through

We always provide one logistical walkthrough 60-45 days before the wedding, and an additional design walkthrough for Premiere packages and up. Often, Signature clients choose to add an additional walkthrough with their planner earlier in the process to discuss ideas and layout.

Additional travel costs may be applicable.

Additional On-Site Hours


per hour

Our hours onsite on the day-of vary by package, but we are always willing to add extra hours if needed to ensure peace of mind. Additional hours apply to each planner included in the clients' package (i.e. 2 planners x 2 extra hours x $60 = $240)

Additional Planners


per hour

We always make sure there are at least two planners onsite for our wedding - it's our standard! For those who may have a spread-out venue or complex décor elements, adding an additional planner is sometimes necessary or highly recommended to ensure the smoothest day possible. Additional Planners for day-of set up can be added to any package or may be recommended by your lead planner in some cases. 

Minimum of 5 hours, additional travel costs may be applicable.

A La Carte Add-Ons

Hands down, hiring YPB was the best decision my wife and I made for our wedding.

We worked with Lauren McRoy for our wedding in April 2022. She was an absolute lifesaver. We tried to plan on our own and reached mid to late March before the panic set in and we realized we needed help. There were a couple vendors we had that were really difficult to work with. Lauren was able to get answers and agreements from them almost immediately. After I spent MONTHS trying. I will never again underestimate the power of hiring a professional with connections and expertise.

Lauren herself was incredibly kind and fun to work with. Her confidence and know-how calmed our worries moving up to the wedding, and completely removed them on the day of. The wedding went PERFECTLY and that is 100% due to the work her and her team did. I truly only wish we hired them sooner.

PS I think we may have saved money overall by hiring YPB, between the discounts and other advice they easily paid for themselves. Even if they hadn't, the peace of mind was priceless.  - Ericka

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