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We understand that you have a unique set of planning needs, which is why we offer a wide range of services. We have created four packages for you to choose from based on how much assistance you would like.  With all four packages, our goals are the same:

** Simplify and organize the planning process so that wedding planning can be fun, and not too time consuming.


** Ensure you and your families are able to fully enjoy your wedding day, knowing every little detail is being taken care of. 


In an effort to help you compare the four packages, we created a high level, side by side comparison of the package features.



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Glossary of our package details

In an effort to provide more clarity to our services, I wanted to flush out some of the terms I used in the chart above. 

Venue Walk Through

If your package has one venue walk through, that will take place around the 45-60 day mark. This is where we will go to your venue and talk with you about the floor plan, the placement of your decor, the flow of your event. We will discuss timing and set up details with your venue. We will work on timing and service details with your caterer.

If your package has two venue walk through meetings we will do an additional walk through much earlier on in the planning process. We use this to brainstorm and discuss decor/design ideas in preparation for our design meetings.

Rental Meetings

Our rental meetings is where we go to the rental showroom and pick out all of the items your event needs. This can be as simple and choosing your tables and chairs, and selecting the linens, plates, napkins, lounge furniture etc that will bring your vision life. It is a super fun meeting as we do a full table mock up. With these rental meetings we will also partner with the rental company and your venue to coordinate deliver and pick up. And maybe best of will save 15% on your rentals with our discount.

Event Design

With all of our packages, we will ensure your wedding day is gorgeous. We always will help you source decor items or help you flush out an idea. With the Premiere and Ultimate Packages there is more detailed design services included in your package. We will help you create a color palette, brainstorm decor ideas and create ways to carry through specific design elements across all areas of your decor plan to ensure a gorgeous, unique and personal event design tailored to your vision, your venue and your budget.

A love note...

I cannot begin to fully explain how great it was to have Kim help us with our wedding planning. From our first phone call, it was obvious how helpful having Kim and YPB would be in the process of planning our wedding. Their knowledge of venues and vendors were so helpful in making sure we got high quality service that we could depend on for every aspect of our wedding. Kim took the time to understand our envisions for our wedding and was able to tailor vendors to fit with our budget, location, and aesthetic wishes. Knowing that the vendors we chose were ones that Kim and YPB have worked with before gave us an ease of mind to know that their services were legit and we could count on them.

I also cannot stress how amazing it was to have Kim and Rachael there for day-of coordination. Knowing that our families didn't have to bare any of the stress that often comes with setting up decorations and coordinating vendors was worth its weight in gold. Knowing that we had two great professionals coordinating set up and the event allowed us and our families to enjoy our wedding day! It was honestly one of the best decisions we made to hire them and have them help us for our special day!


Rebecca, married 10/13/19

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