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ask a Planner

by Your Perfect Bridesmaid

A collection of DIY wedding planning resources for couples in the PNW. Learn how to plan a wedding without hiring a planner, from planners themselves.

Calling all DIY’ers, Budget-Conscious Couples, and Type A Personalities.  


Are you tackling wedding planning by yourself? Are you looking for guides, tips and tricks, and boatloads of advice? Well good news…you can stop looking! Created by wedding planners but designed for couples, Ask A Planner is our way of helping couples have a successful, stress-free wedding. Our philosophy is that every couple should have a peace of mind on their wedding day. We want that for every couple, so we found a way to help!


There are so many moving parts to planning a wedding, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. No need to spend the time creating your own planning resources or figuring out where to start when you can just Ask A Planner! 


Your hard-work + our expertise will help you ensure you’ve checked all the important boxes. Our Ask A Planner Bundles give you a variety of checklists, resources, spreadsheets, and guides to get you on your way. If you're looking for more customized guidance, consider our Ask a Planner 1:1 Consultations to start you on the right path given your unique needs, wants and budget.

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DIY Wedding Resources



1:1 Wedding Consultations

Designed for do-it-yourself couples who are looking for a little custom 1:1 guidance.

Free wedding planning guides can be vague and one-size-fits all. We offer a variety of consultation meetings to help educate you on the planning journey ahead of you. Based on your unique needs, wants and vision, we will answer your questions and provide you with guidance, planning resources & advice.


Wedding Planning Happy Hour Workshops

We understand not every couple has a planner in their budget, so we've created these workshops to give you the tools to plan your wedding successfully.

Our events will help educate you in multiple aspects of the planning process - we're here to demystify wedding planning. Not only should you be making the fun decisions, we want you making informed ones, too.


Planning Tools & Resource Bundles

Minimize the stress of planning your own wedding with specialized guides, tools and checklists, created by professional wedding planners. These bundles contain resources that will help guide you throughout your entire wedding planning journey. 

Wedding Consultations

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