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DIY Wedding Planning Resources for couples in the PNW. Learn how to plan a wedding without hiring a planner, from planners themselves.

Calling all DIY’ers, Budget-Conscious Couples, and Type A Personalities.  


Are you tackling wedding planning by yourself? Are you looking for guides, tips and tricks, and boatloads of advice? Well good news…. you can stop looking! Created by wedding planners, but designed for couples, Ask A Planner is our way of helping couples have a successful, stress-free wedding even if we aren’t along for the journey as their planner or coordinator. Our philosophy is that every couple should have a peace of mind on their wedding day. We want that for every couple, so we found a way to help!


There are so many moving parts to planning a wedding, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. No need to spend the time creating your own planning resources or figuring out where to start when you can just Ask A Planner! 


Your hard-work, crew and vision + our expertise will help you ensure you’ve checked all the important boxes. Our Ask A Planner Bundles give you a variety of checklists, resources, spreadsheets and guides to get you on your way. These are the documents we use when planning weddings so we know they will help you as you plan your big day.  And,  If you're looking for more customized guidance, consider our Ask a Planner 1:1 Consultations to start you on the right path given your unique needs, wants and budget.

If you are looking for more guidance and expertise throughout your wedding planning process, as well as help coordinating or designing the day-of, we’d love to work with you.

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1:1 Wedding Consultations 

For those who enjoy human connection and want to learn how to plan a successful event.

Designed for do-it-yourself couples who are looking for a little custom 1:1 guidance.

Free wedding planning guides can be vague and one-size-fits all. We offer a variety of consultation meetings to help educate you on the planning journey ahead of you. Based on your unique needs, wants and vision, we will answer your questions and provide you with guidance, planning resources & advice.

DIY Wedding Planning Bundles

For those who have the wedding vision, but want to save time, money and energy.

Minimize the stress of planning your own wedding with specialized guides, tools and checklists, created by professional wedding planners.


These bundles contain resources that will help guide you throughout your entire wedding planning journey. 


1:1 Timeline Creation & Consultation

Your wedding timeline is the key to a smooth wedding day. Sure, there are hundreds of  timeline templates online, but we take a more custom approach to building your timeline.  In this consultation, we work with you to craft your wedding day timeline based on your vendor contracts, personal preferences, family dynamics, etc. We leave you with a customized timeline and the advice and resources to be able to troubleshoot the timeline when conflicts arise during the remainder of your planning and on the day of your wedding.

1:1 Wedding Budget Consultation

If you are already thinking about what you want your wedding to look and feel like, but don’t know what exactly it may cost - you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t just any budget - it’s your wedding budget. Get expert advice from planners who are in tune with local industry pricing and better understand what on your Pinterest Board is achievable for you and your partner. Let us help you start off on the right foot to ensure you’re not running into issues or surprises. Money stress is always the worst. Money stress while wedding planning is the worst of the worst. Let us help you avoid that!

1:1 Wedding Vendor Recommendations & Consultation

You can search on google for vendors, or you can Ask a Planner who’s been in the PNW wedding industry for 14 years for our recommendations. After getting to know your unique needs, priorities and budget we will create a custom list of vendors tailored to your specific wedding and leave you with our Little Pink Book(s) - our regional directories of vendors we love and trust. Because our team of planners have done thousands of weddings in the PNW, we’ve cultivated some amazing relationships and feel confident that we can steer you in the direction of those who are going to be great to work with.

1:1 Venue Search

Find the perfect wedding venue in the PNW! We know that a venue is the foundation of your wedding design, and it is naturally the first thing that couples look for. But what many couples don’t know is that a hasty venue choice can end up costing you more later down the road. This series of meetings will leave you with a custom list of venue choices, notes on how to best compare venue options, and ultimately, a great foundation to build off of.

Ask a Planner Options
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DIY Wedding Planning Bundles

DIY Wedding Planning Bundles

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