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Join us in making an impact in people's love story!

Wedding planning is a team sport. I have spent the past decade building our team as well as developing close relationships with some of the best wedding vendors in the Northwest and across the US. Couples come to us for our expertise and wealth of knowledge. We help provide couples with a customized list of recommendations based on their unique needs, style, and budget, and serve as a guiding light for the entire process. Each couple we work with comes from a different background and at different points in the planning process - our job is to listen to their unique situation and propose creative and beautiful solutions. 

We love team members who are:

  • Quick and empathetic responders

  • Creative problem solvers

  • Great listeners 

  • Keen to little details and the big picture

  • Calm and composed in times of mayhem

  • Self starters who aren't afraid to ask questions

  • Confident and self assured leaders


Wedding Planning has a greater purpose. It is not just a job. It is a commitment - to couples and to the (often long) planning process. We are looking for team members who understand that commitment and are ready to serve our couples.


If you feel like this is you, I hope to talk to you soon!

Yours Truly,



Associate Planner

An Associate Planner will:​
  • Travel and experience beautiful venues across the PNW (must have a personal vehicle)

  • Be available on weekends and available to work at least 6 weddings within 6 months. Weddings are typically 8 -12 hours Thursdays-Sundays, with the majority of them taking place Saturdays during May-October

  • Provide essential support to a lead planner, which may include, but is not limited to:

    • Place and arrange decorations and personal items

    • Support the vendor team with tasks

    • Help ensure the couple has the best day of their lives

  • Have the opportunity to be promoted to lead planner upon showing the necessary skills and gained knowledge of the industry

Lead Planner

A Lead Planner will:​
  • Travel and experience beautiful venues across the PNW. (must have personal vehicle)

  • Work from home during the planning process, but be available to attend remote and in-person meetings with clients

  • Receive training and the support of all the planners on our team

  • Be couples' cheerleader, sanity checker, and logistical expert throughout the planning process

  • Provide tailored vendor recommendations, create floor plans and timelines, and review clients' vendor contracts 

  • Offer design expertise and create stunning vision boards to present a cohesive design

  • Coordinate and communicate with vendors throughout the planning process

  • Ensure the day-of is according to plan and the couple and family get to enjoy and celebrate

A quick note about our hiring process: we are always hiring - for the right people. While we occasionally hire leads directly, most of our Lead Planners start off as Associate Coordinators in order to get familiar with our company and how we do things. Regardless, we have an extensive training program for both Associate Coordinators and Lead Planners. If you feel like you have the right skillset and the ability to truly commit to these couples and their weddings, please apply.

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