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Portland wedding planners

Planning, Design, & Peace of Mind

wedding planners dedicated to our couples and their unique style and needs 

Your Perfect Bridesmaid, or YPB Weddings, serves the entire PNW with our headquarters based in Portland, Oregon.

We understand that every couple has a unique budget and set of priorities and needs. Our main job is to listen to you. We aim to provide customized assistance throughout the planning journey and design and execute a wedding day that reflects what matters most to you. 


Each of our couples is supported by one of our experienced, dependable and passionate lead planners and at least one assistant on the day-of. Every client also benefits from the entire YPB team when it comes to venue experience, tips and tricks and unique ideas.


Each of our planners is dedicated to providing you with the help you need by tailoring our services. We help you build a wedding vendor team and design a plan that checks whatever boxes are important to you.


our Look Book

Look Book
Will & Anu

North Fork Farms

A luxe, two-day wedding weekend event, with a traditional Sangeet & Hindu ceremony and a stunning Western reception.

Natalie & Jake

Black Walnut Inn

Intimate & romantic wine-country wedding with a unique, al-fresco reception.

Kalabeth & Ryan

The Griffin House

Modern & sophisticated wedding with a cohesive design and the cutest sweetheart couch.

We plan weddings all over the state of Oregon.

Our team is based in Portland but we plan weddings all over the state Oregon. Exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and creating memories for each of our couples is why we love planning weddings. Take a look at some of the venues we have worked at recently. While you won't see all of the private residences we have worked at, we love the added personalization we are able to create when couples choose to get married at their home. Reach out and let's talk! We are excited to see where your wedding will take us!


Meet our Team

We built our Portland team with planners who are passionate, organized, and great leaders.

Meet The Team

From the very beginning stages of planning our wedding, both my husband and I knew we would benefit from having a wedding planner and made it a priority. After doing some research, I came across Your Perfect Bridesmaid on The Knot website, and I reached out to them after reading many positive reviews. I’m so glad I did. By the time we booked with Your Perfect Bridesmaid, we had already signed contracts with most of our other vendors, but I felt like I needed some guidance and someone to help keep us on track and make sure we weren’t missing anything. Professional help with planning, especially with day of coordination, was a must. Shortly after booking with Your Perfect Bridesmaid, we were introduced to our wedding planner and were able to do a phone meeting to explain the vision that we had for our wedding. The only issue that we experienced was that our wedding planner had to be changed multiple times as a result of scheduling conflicts and personal matters. While this was not ideal, we appreciated that the owner, Kim did a great job ensuring that the transition from one planner to another was as smooth as possible. For the first couple of months after signing with YPB, we worked with Elise, then we were changed to Emily. About 3 months before our wedding date, we were switched again to Jenah. You can probably imagine that at this point, I was frustrated, but we understood that sometimes things happen. Ultimately, we are so thankful that we ended up with Jenah! She was so knowledgeable, fantastic, had excellent communication, and was super organized. I felt like Jenah really came into play when our wedding was about a month away and we did our final venue walkthrough with our venue’s events coordinator. I’m so glad Jenah was there for this. Jenah truly advocated for us, and brought up suggestions, topics, and questions that I hadn’t even thought of (humble brag - I’m pretty organized and on top of it). Simply put, our wedding day would not have been the same without Jenah and her associate Danielle. They ensured everything ran smoothly, they greeted and directed my vendors so my husband and I didn’t have to worry about anything besides getting ready, and they put up all of our decorations exactly how I wanted them. They made my vision come to life. For the ceremony, Danielle was standing by literally telling each person when to start walking during the processional. I appreciated/needed this so much. Jenah checked in with us multiple times throughout the evening and kept the night moving according to plan. I didn’t have to stress about when the next thing was happening because she was keeping track and making it happen. If anything went wrong at all, I never knew about it because Jenah had it handled. While it would have been nice to have one planner throughout the entire process, we feel extremely lucky that we ended up with Jenah. Our wedding day was seamless thanks to her. She helped relieve so much stress for us which allowed us to enjoy the biggest day of our lives that we had spent so long dreaming of. Overall, we would highly recommend YPB for your wedding and honestly could not have done it without them! Their expert advice, vendor management, and day-of coordination made this service completely worth it! I can’t imagine having my wedding without Jenah there and I have no doubt that any wedding that she is a part of will be a huge success.

love notes from clients

- November 2022

- November 2022

- November 2022

- November 2022

"Katelyn made my wedding dreams come true last weekend and I couldn’t be more grateful for her attentiveness, calmness, and organization throughout my planning process. I worked with her for over 2 years due to a Covid. I always felt better after talking through things with her and she understood my style so well that the day of looked above and beyond what I imagined. I keep getting so many compliments on how the venue space was transformed and how smooth everything went and I don’t even feel like I did anything to make that happen. She handled all the vendor communication with postponing and finding a new date and setting up meetings and confirming everything, she was also able to explain what I wanted way better than I could and the whole day was magical. I’m so glad I ended up getting the full planning package because I couldn’t have anticipated the amount of things that I would rely on her for. It felt like she thought of me every step of the day from bringing my bridesmaids a garment steamer to making sure there was food and champagne waiting for us while signing our marriage license to handing us slices of our cake at the very end of the night to bring up to our room. She also made sure everything that was ours got back to our room. When I say I didn’t have to worry about anything, there’s many more details that go into it!"

- June 2022

"Sam is the definition of excellence in regards to being a lead wedding planner. She never left a question unanswered, she always went above and beyond in our planning journey, carries herself with the utmost professionalism and respect, and was the absolute best support and guide we could have asked for in our journey to our wedding day! From the get go, we had an instantaneous connection that blossomed into a wonderful rapport through all the ups and downs of the planning process! She took time to connect with us, our family and our friends throughout the whole process! We really appreciated and were surprised by this! We can’t imagine going back and doing the process without her, and for that we are grateful!! Sam was always respectful of our vision, made sure to put us first in conversations and with vendor communication, and became part of our family and lives in every way! We cherish Sam for coming into our lives, being a part of our wedding journey, and will continue to have her in our lives! We would absolutely recommend using Your Perfect Bridesmaid for your wedding planning, and highly suggest that you request Sam as your lead planner!! Because one thing is for sure, if you work with Sam, she will be your best advocate and will stop at nothing short of delivering 110% of your expectations!! Sam is a diamond in the rough, an absolute gem and we cannot say enough great things about her!!! She is an amazing human!! Our family loves her, and we LOVE her!!! "

"Wow I cannot recommend YPB enough!! My gal, Katie O., was with me every step of the way. From vendor recs, to zoom meetings, to final decisions, Katie did not disappoint and always steered me in the right direction. She made sure there was never anything I needed to worry about and she was always completely in control. She handled questions from worried family members like a pro and made sure the event flowed smoothly and effortlessly. I even had a bit of a medical incident during the reception and she was able to communicate with all of my vendors what was going on and ensure the party kept going for everyone while I took a few minutes to recover. I can't thank Katie O. enough for her dedication, quick thinking, and positivity. YPB is everything I could have asked for, and more."

- October 2022

- July 2022

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