Premiere Wedding Planning Package

Our Coordination and Design Package

This package is great for the busy couple that would like to have a fair amount of participation in the planning process but is looking for a lot of expert guidance and regular check-ins as well as assistance creating a cohesive design for the wedding itself.  This package is also a great choice if you are getting married at a private residence, or non-established venue that requires more logistic coordination.


With this Premiere Package, you receive your perfect wedding planning partner-in-crime. We help you navigate the planning process, ensuring the planning is as stress free as possible. We are your dedicated resource for any time you have questions, need recommendations, or want to bounce ideas off of someone. We are your logistics expert overseeing venue layout. We are your design consultant to help you create a look and feel that is personal, cohesive and memorable. with all of our packages,  you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be taken care of the day of the wedding.  You, your friends and your family will be able to thoroughly enjoy every minute of the wedding day, because everything will be taken care of for you!


With the Premiere Package, we start working with couples right away, and with all of our packages, you are always welcome to call, text, email anytime you have questions. We are here to help, and we want you to know we are here any time you need us!

The Premiere Package includes:


  1. Up to six (6) planning sessions where we will

    • create a timeline tailored to your wedding day and distribute to vendors throughout the planning

    • help you outline a budget taking into account your wedding vision and unique set of priorities

    • provide you with customized vendor referrals, tailored to your style and budget

    • review your vendor contracts and provide suggestions and recommended changes

    • provide you with access to our mobile app that keeps you on track with all the wedding to-do's

    • ensure your vendors are up to date on key information by regularly sharing timeline updates

    • partner with you to ensure everything is taken care of, and nothing is missed during the planning process

  2.  Two (2) hours of design consultation where we will:

    • collaborate with you to create a mood board of design elements to ensure a timeless, personalized design

    • source elements, recommend vendors to bring finalized design to life

    • ensure all elements are cohesive and memorable

  3. Two  (2) rental design meetings where we will:

    • partner with you to design a tablescape that brings your vision to life

    • work to identify any rental items you need, and secure those items

    • confirm quantities, coordinate rental delivery, set up, pick up

    • pass along our discount to help stretch your budget

  4. Two (2) venue walk-throughs where we will work with you, the venue staff, and catering to:

    • brainstorm and conceptualize how to execute design vision within the venue space

    • build a floor plan

    • finalize decor placement

    • iron out service expectations with caterer and venue

    • ensure everyone is on the same page with logistics and timing for wedding day

  5. Rehearsal Coordination where we will:

    • help you, your family and your bridal party understand the mechanics of the wedding ceremony

    • walk everyone through where we will line them up, where they will walk to, and what order they will walk

    • review ceremony seating, practice readings, and ensure everyone is comfortable with how things will go

  6. Three (3) coordinators onsite the day of the wedding.

  7. Twelve (12) hours of "Day of Coordination" where we will:

  • set up, decorate, place personal items. We will transform your venue into your wedding day while ensuring you, your friends and your family don't have to work your wedding.

  • welcome vendors, ensure they have everything they need to do their best work, troubleshoot any hiccups.

  • manage the timeline, cue starts, stops, transitions throughout the day. Dot the I's, Cross the T's, and ensure everything goes as planned.

  • clean up! At the end of the event, we will clean it up, box it up, load it out. Again, we want you and your guests to enjoy every minute!

  • ensure your vendors are up to date on key information by regularly sharing timeline updates


If you have questions, or if you want to discuss our services further, please email us at

A love note from our client.

I cannot recommend Your Perfect Bridesmaid enough. It was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! We had Ashley as our wedding planner, and Rachel as our back up day-of coordinator. Through the planning process, Ashley was incredibly helpful. She provided us with a variety of vendor ideas and gave us honest opinions regarding those vendors. We would never have found those vendors without her help. She gave us guidance on how to reach out and what questions we should ask those vendors. She also was in contact with our vendors behind the scenes to work out any kinks with them. Ashley was responsive to our emails and was great about answering any of our hundreds of questions. When our wedding day arrived, we were so calm knowing that Ashley was helping us! We had one major vendor issue during the wedding – our shuttle bus didn’t show up, so some of our guests were late and we had to start the wedding a bit late. Ashley was great about making sure my husband and I were calm and I knew she could take care of it. At the end of the night, Ashley and Rachel went above and beyond our expectations. They personally drove some of our guests home since we didn’t have a shuttle bus (and our venue had no cell reception). She even had one of her friends who had a small shuttle take some of our guest’s home. They stayed much later than they were planning on and they still acted so kind and professional to everyone. We couldn’t believe how amazing they handled it. Seriously, Your Perfect Bridesmaid is the best!


Claire Weaver, married on 08/17/2019