Premiere Wedding Planning Package

Event Coordination, Design and Day of Management

This package is great for the busy couple that would like to have a fair amount of participation in the planning process but is looking for a lot of expert guidance and regular check-ins, as well as assistance creating a cohesive design for the wedding itself.  

This package is also a great choice if you are getting married at a private residence, or non-established venue that requires more logistic coordination.


With the Premiere Package, we are your dedicated resource for any time you have questions, need recommendations, or want to bounce ideas off of someone. We are your logistics expert overseeing venue layout in terms of functionality AND design. This package includes one more walkthrough than the Signature Package to bounce off design ideas while in the space together.


With the design consultation that this package includes, we'll help you turn your Pinterest board into a reality. We take your inspiration and create a design board to add to your vision and suggest vendors that can help achieve it. with all of our packages,  you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an expert problem solver, decorator and communicator to ensure your vision is upheld the best that it can be.


Have questions? We want to answer them so you feel at peace with your decision.

A love note from our client.

"Amazing" is such an understatement. Between vendors ghosting us, the bakery forgetting to give us a cake, and a send-off vehicle that no-showed, YPB took care of everything without letting me feel an ounce of stress. We opted for the full package from them, and I'm glad I did. At each step of the planning process, Kim and the team sent us a list of vendors that fit out style and budget, along with quotes and ideas. So we still chose everything, but we didn't have to go through the crazy quoting process for each thing. This was especially helpful as both our jobs got way more demanding as COVID vaccines went up, and we had less time than we thought for planning. Not only did they know the COVID requirements at all times, they were more than willing to work with us, on our schedule.

On the day-of, they helped us solve a missing cake crisis (and still got a delicious cake for us!), and then they pulled the ultimate savior move: when our ride to the hotel no-showed, our wedding coordinator Kimmy cleaned up her car and drove us herself for thirty miles so we could make it to the hotel that night. Our own parents said no to driving us, but Kimmy stepped up!

I truly could not recommend these folks more. If you're an anxious bride like me, or feel overwhelmed by the process, you should absolutely hire Kim and the team."