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Hi Vendor Friends!

We are so thankful for you.

Even if we have not met yet, we know that the people in the PNW Wedding industry are what make weddings so great for us, and in turn, so great for all our couples.


There are a few things we find to be true in the wedding industry more than anything:

  1. Wedding planning is personal and unique to each couple

  2. Wedding planning and event production is a team sport

  3. Wedding vendors are real, talented and wonderful people 


As planners, we are often overseeing all the details and sometimes being the middleman between clients. We spend so much time with our couples, as well as time with you working out the details. We understand that this is a team sport, and to play our part, here are a few things we’ve defined in our process that are aimed toward supporting YOU as vendors.

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How we Take Care of Vendors

Weddings are about you, too. Most of you are in this job because you are passionate about what you are creating. We know that weddings take full focus and a lot of energy, so we aim to do the most we can to ensure our teammates and friends are taken care of, both during the planning process and the wedding day.


Everybody needs to eat. Our timeline template always includes a space for vendor meal counts, and we do our best to advocate for you if you have any dietary restrictions. We also note in our timeline and advocate for key vendors to eat with the couple, so you can continue to be present for the important events - but on a full stomach.


We try to reach out throughout the planning process to update you with the current plan as we understand it in order to understand how we can adjust it to fit your needs, too. Set up time, clean up time, storage needs- just let us know and we'll help figure it out!


The wedding day is full of moving parts and last minute adjustments, and we try our best to communicate with everyone. We always two or more planners onsite to help communicate every adjustment so everyone is on the same page. Take a peek at our detailed, in-depth timeline - more info is better for the sake of the event!

How we Refer clients

Every wedding is different, because every couple has a unique budget, set of priorities and style. We take our vendor recommendations to heart and try to pair clients with vendors that they’ll love and can afford. That being said, there are a few rules we play by when it comes to partnering/collaborating with vendors. 


We think of the client first, meaning that we are recommending vendors to clients keeping in mind their style, preferences and budget. That being said, we keep a running directory of vendors we've worked with, categorized by price range and style. We  love to hear when vendors update their pricing so we can accurately recommend vendors.


We don't earn a dime from recommending vendors to clients. We would rather that vendors extend their graciousness toward our couples, because that's who it's about in the end. We do not partner exclusively with vendors, either, but we do love to form solid partnerships with vendors. Learn More


We recommend vendors from our "Little Pink Book", which is more of a vendor directory than a preferred list. We update and add to this directory when we have experience with vendors onsite, or if we are introduced to a unique vendor that we feel our clientele would love. That being said, we are happy to keep you in mind for recommendations and consider adding you! 

How We Partner With Vendors

We love partnering with vendors to ensure that any shared client we have is taken care of and gets the best service. But we do not exclusively work with any specific vendors. Partnerships to us mean a relationship in which we both mutually know and understand each others' services and processes. Many of our "partners" extend a small 5-20% discount to our couples, and this type of partnership has sent dozens of referrals to our vendor friends! Partnership means collaboration and good quality friendships that develop over time, which lead to many successful events. 

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Have You Seen Our Vendor Series on Instagram?

Our Vendor Series highlights vendors we know and trust from our internal directory and we have a running list based on a few factors. If you'd like to be considered for our list of shout outs or have a unique business you think engaged couples should hear about, we'd love to hear from you. Send an us an email and mention "The Vendor Series"!


We'd love to hear from you if you are a vendor we've worked with before or if you are a new vendor and believe that you offer unique services that couples would love. We are always looking for new ideas or new designs to share with our couples!

If you'd like to connect with us, send us an email at

Let us know any of the following:

  • your base pricing or average pricing

  • unique amenities or services

  • any discounts you're willing to extend

we look forward to hearing from you!

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