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wedding timeline consultation

The best wedding timelines aren't going to be found on the internet. Meet with a professional planner to craft your custom timeline based on what matters most to you.

A wedding timeline is the bread and butter of your wedding day. It's the difference between an average event and a great event. A timeline can:

  1. Ensure you are not feeling rushed, strained, or pulled in too many directions on your wedding day

  2. Ensure all your vendors are on the same page and can work cohesively together to set up (this is especially important if you don’t have a coordinator)

  3. Mediate mishaps and ensure enough time is allotted for the events you want to experience on your wedding day

Some vendors like photographers, caterers, or DJs will offer timeline services, but what they won't do is communicate their version of the timeline to the rest of your wedding vendors. We as wedding planners create a MASTER timeline that can be distributed to everyone. During this consultation, we teach you how you can do this yourself.



We'll meet together for (1) 60 minute remote consultation and follow up via email. After you inquire, we'll reach out to schedule your consultation.


A custom timeline template (which we'll workshop in our meeting), a guide to common wedding timing, and peace of mind knowing what to expect on your wedding day.


Connect with us anytime before your wedding. This is best utilized when you have more vendors booked, but considering your timeline early on can be beneficial before booking your vendors. 


This is for you if you have a venue and a date secured. Timeline meetings are helpful from the moment you know your date even before you've booked your vendors, as well as after you have your vendors booked.


​Before the consultation:


Your Ask A Planner partner will share a folder with you where you'll upload any relevant material and fill out any pre-meeting forms to help us give you customized advice.

During your consultation:


We're here to answer your questions! The bones of our timeline consultation include discussing:

  • Set-up: our recommendations for what time your vendors should arrive

  • Getting ready: when you need to be ready and where

  • Transitions and timing: when the various components of your wedding day happen such as cocktail hour, dinner, toasts, dancing etc.

After the consultation:


The benefit of these consultations will go farther than the meeting time. We not only try to educate you so you can troubleshoot and add to your timeline that we'll workshop together, but we also send you home with valuable resources to refer back to:

  • Our Timeline Template Document, customized after the consultation.

  • Our Guide To Wedding Timelines & A Successful Event Document

  • A peace of mind knowing what to expect on your wedding day and what to consider when booking your vendors.


Ready for custom timeline guidance?

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