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Wedding Vendor 
Recommendations and consultation

Save time searching for wedding vendors and get custom recommendations from a PNW wedding planner based on your unique needs, wants, and budget.

You want to rely and trust those you hire for your wedding day. It can often be overwhelming and time-consuming to search for the best photographer, caterer, florist, and anyone else you plan to hire. We also recognize how tedious contract comparison and review can be as well. Let our team help you with custom recommendations and guides to vendor consultations to help narrow down what will be best for you. Since 2008, we've grown and updated what we call our "Little Pink Book" - it's our directory of vendors we've worked with and loved for specific reasons. Our goal is to understand what matters most to you for each category and pair you with vendors who will also understand that vision. 



We'll meet together for (1) 60 minute remote consultation and follow up via email. After you inquire, we'll reach out to schedule your consultation.


Our Vendor Guidance Spreadsheet, customized with your recommendations, wedding vendor investment advice, and access to our Little Pink Book.


Connect with us as soon as you have a date and venue. Knowing the stipulations of your venue and time of year will help us guide you to the right vendors. Having a ballpark budget will also help us narrow down options in your price range.


This is for any couple who wants professional advice on developing their vendor team, as well as recommendations on what should be provided from each vendor category. 

​Before the consultation:


Your Ask A Planner partner will share a folder with you, where you'll upload any relevant material and fill out any pre-meeting forms to help us give you customized advice.

During your consultation:


We're here to answer your questions! During your Wedding Vendor Consultation we'll:

  • Discuss your unique budget and help you determine what to expect when looking for each ideal vendor.

  • Help you evaluate your priorities for your wedding and each vendor you’d like to book.

  • Recommend questions to ask your vendors before you book them, so you can feel confident about who you’re hiring.

  • Answer your questions about booking vendors and vendor expectations

After the consultation:


The benefit of these consultations will go farther than the meeting time. 

  • A tailored list of vendors in your region reflective of your unique needs, wants, budget and priorities.

  • Our Little Pink Book- our directory of vendors we’ve personally worked with and loved in case you would like to browse through additional options.

  • Our Guide To Vendor Consultations Document - a list of  questions to ask your vendors before booking to make sure you’re getting the service you want/need.



Ready to find your dream wedding team?

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