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You're in the right spot if you're looking for a PNW Wedding Venue!

Introducing The Venue Series

Instead of searching on Google, start with our Venue Series, where we've curated lists of venues by style or location and why we love them. 

We help many of our couples find their venues so they know their venue is going to work with their ideal plan.

The Venue Hunt

Have a trusted expert with wedding planning experience help you find the perfect wedding venue for you.

A Venue Hunt is a service we offer as a series of stand-alone consultations, or as an add-on to any wedding planning package with Your Perfect Bridesmaid.​Finding a venue is one of the first things you'll do as part of the planning process, and it's one of the most important decisions you'll make. A hasty venue choice could potentially cost you more in the long run or pose unforeseen complications and really put a damper in your master plans. ​


We offer the Venue Hunt as a way to ensure you're selecting the best venue suited for your style preferences, budget, and other priorities, and have an expert by your side to guide you and answer your questions. We will:​


  1. Send a questionnaire to help you determine your venue priorities.

  2. Share custom recommendations that fit your priorities and price range, as well as our personal experience at those venues.

  3. Share a list of questions to ask your venues on your venue tours.

  4. Offer guidance and contract review to make sure you're not missing anything


We consider the following when it comes to venue recommendations:


  • Amenities

  • Catering Policies

  • Venue Style

  • Weather Warnings

  • Price Range

  • Onsite Accommodation

  • And More

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