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wedding budget consultation

Learn what you can afford off your Pinterest board and craft your wedding budget with our Custom Wedding Budget Consultation and resources.

Let's be real - weddings are expensive. If you don't know what to look out for and what to prioritize, this service is for you. Consider asking a professional about your wedding budget to make sure your priorities and expectations are aligned. We meet with couples to discuss what you'd like to spend, what's important to you, and share PNW industry costs for the vendors you'd like to book. Having been in the industry since 2008, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to help couples like you invest in where it matters.



We'll meet together for (1) 60 minute remote consultation and follow up via email. After you inquire, we'll reach out to schedule your consultation.


Our Budget and Payment Tracker Spreadsheet, budgeting and wedding investment advice, and a list of average wedding expenses for weddings in the PNW.


Connect with us as early as you have a ring on your finger! Starting out with a budget consultation even before you have a date and venue booked will make sure you don't run into a venue chose that will cost you more later down the road.


This is for any couple who wants to think ahead about wedding costs, wants to learn what on their Pinterest board is achievable, or wants to avoid going over their budget.

​Before the consultation:


Your Ask A Planner partner will share a folder with you, where you'll upload any relevant material and fill out any pre-meeting forms to help us give you customized advice.

During your consultation:


We're here to answer your questions! During your custom Wedding Budget Consultation we'll:

  • Review your general vision, ideal budget, guest count, etc.

  • Discuss your priorities and help you evaluate what is most important to you.

  • Create a custom budget spreadsheet you can use and edit throughout your planning journey.

  • Share our budgeting tips with you, like what to look for in vendor and venue contracts to maximize your bookings, and answer any questions you have.

After the consultation:


The benefit of these consultations will go farther than the meeting time. After the consultation, you'll have:

  • A better understanding of priorities and expert advice to continue your planning journey.

  • Expert recommendations for how to cut down your wedding costs.

  • Our editable Wedding Budget Tracker and Payment Tracker.



Ready to make a 
realistic wedding budget?

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