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Wedding Venue Search and consultation

Find your dream venue in Washington or Oregon and a planner's insight of what to look forward to...and what to look out for.

We know that a venue is the foundation of your wedding design, and it is naturally the first thing that couples look for. But what many couples don’t know is that a hasty venue choice can end up costing you more later down the road.

We take our venue hunts a step further than just the look and feel. We consider:

  • What is the general look, feel and aesthetic?

  • Does it include a getting ready space?

  • What inventory is included?

  • What catering options are allowed?

  • What are the rental timeframes?

  • What accommodations are nearby for any out of town guests?

  • And much more!

As planners who have worked in Oregon, Washington and California, we’ve seen some pretty amazing venues and have experience directly working at many of them. Let us help you ensure you have the best foundation for your wedding day!



We'll meet together for (1) 60 minute remote consultation (2) 30 minute follow-up remote meetings - one after you review your initial recommendations and one after you tour the venues. After you inquire, we'll reach out to schedule your first consultation.


Our work of art spreadsheet that will contain your custom venue recommendations, a simple budgeting tool, a system to track your venue tours and notes, as well as a Guide To Booking Your Venue.


Connect with us as early as you have a ring on your finger! A venue is the foundation of your wedding, and you'll want to make sure that the venue will help you maximize your budget, not break it. Your initial dream venue might not allow you to have your dream wedding.


This is for any couple who wants to think ahead about wedding costs and values the environment in which they'll get married in.

​Before the consultation:


Your Ask A Planner partner will share a folder with you, where you'll upload any relevant material and fill out any pre-meeting forms to help us give you customized advice.

During your consultation:


We're here to answer your questions! During your Wedding Venue Search and Consultation we'll:

  • Discuss and identify your preferences and priorities.

  • Pencil out draft budget with venue and vendor related considerations.

  • Create a custom list of venue recommendations for the client to review.

  • Review recommendations with client, and revise the list after the initial consultation session.

  • Conduct final review and answer questions after client has visited/toured the venues. 

  • Revise budget based on venue decision.

  • Review final venue contract prior to signing. 

After the consultation:


You'll recieve:

  • A work of art spreadsheet that contains client’s custom venue recommendations, a simple budget tool, a system to track venue tours, and a list of questions to consider before booking your venue.

  • An expert to help answer your questions about how to find and compare wedding venues.



Ready to find your dream venue?

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