Understanding Oregon's COVID-19 Guidelines and What They Mean for your Wedding

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

LAST UPDATED: June 30, 2021


Updates To The Blog:


  • We've all been waiting a long time for Oregon to have more clear COVID-19 guidelines for weddings, but this is much better. On June 30th, Oregon lifted the state-wide COVID-19 restrictions.

  • This includes but is not limited to mask regulations, distancing protocols, occupancy limits grouping regulations, etc.

  • **It is important to note that businesses like venues still have the right to enforce COVID-19 rules and regulations. "Open" means that the state is not requiring all businesses to enforce mask rules.

  • Venues can independently decide what occupancy limits to operated under, require masks, etc. Remember, it's all in the name of keeping our neighbors safe! If one of our venue friends requires masks, we will gladly comply.

  • Read The Update Here

  • View Oregon COVID-19 Risk levels by County


Table of Contents

  1. Intro

  2. General Advice

  3. Quick Links to Government Documents

  4. Wedding Restrictions by Risk Level, Comparison Chart

  5. Guest Count

  6. Seating

  7. Food & Drink

  8. Private Residence Weddings and COVID-19

How to Plan a Wedding with COVID-19 Restrictions

With Oregon Open starting June 30th, most of these restrictions and guides are no long applicable. However, we will keep this information for any couple who wishes to have a COVID-safe wedding.

Stay safe and Stay Healthy as always!

You're not alone if you're confused on how to plan a wedding under the Oregon COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. This blog will help you navigate it all.

an image of a sign that says "love is in the air but so is COVID-19 so please practice social distancing"
Photographer: Erin Fortin Photography

Because guidelines change often and county risk levels update every 2 weeks, we are doing our best to keep this post updated.

Sadly, Oregon has chosen to not create wedding specific guidelines, which can make planning a wedding in a pandemic much more difficult than it needs to be.

Rest assured, Your Perfect Bridesmaid has been planning weddings throughout the year, so we have become experts when it comes to navigating these guidelines. Additionally, as a founder and Vice President of the Live Events Industry of Oregon (LEIO), a coalition of 4500+ event professionals in Oregon, I have regular meetings and interaction with local and state officials about these guidelines.

Combining all of that information, we've created this blog to summarize what you can and can't do to help you tie the knot with significantly less stress.

Weddings and Changing County Risk Level:

As we are probably all familiar by now, Oregon assigns a "risk level" to each county based on the county's COVID-19 metric trends over a two week period. First, you'll want to determine what wedding will be in, as that county's risk level will determine what you can and can't do.

What is the hardest right now with wedding planning is that counties could change risk level just a week before you wedding date.

The best wedding plan you can have right now is a solid Plan B for the worst-case scenario. We definitely, definitely, definitely recommend having a planner to save you some stress. At Your Perfect Bridesmaid, we are staying on top of any and all updates to COVID-19 restrictions. We can help you:

  • Build and check your plan to make sure you, your friends and family can celebrate safely (and legally),

  • Communicate with vendors and make sure you are on the same page with COVID-19 restrictions,

  • And help you make last minute plans as necessary.

Oregon county risk level assessment chart based on disease activitiy.
Oregon county risk level assessment chart

In this next section, we'll help you break down what your wedding will look like under each risk level.

COVID-19 Restrictions for Oregon Weddings

Planning anything in a pandemic is hard. Planning a wedding in a pandemic with no specific wedding guidelines is a whole nother story. We've made it simple, and broken down restrictions as it relates to your wedding.

Because there are no wedding specific guidelines, we had to pull our information from a few different area's of Oregon's re-opening plan. We gathered all this information from the list of documents below:

Quick Links

Please keep in mind that all the information below is pulled from publicly available government documents.

A chart of restrictions on weddings based on risk level of counties
Oregon Wedding Restrictions Overview

Here are some of our couple's Frequently Asked Questions, click on the question to go directly to the answer!

How many guests can I have at my wedding?

How do I make my seating chart with COVID-19 at my wedding?

How do I serve my guests food/drinks?

What if my wedding is at a private residence or AirBnb?



How many people can I have at my wedding?

The biggest thing to note is that the max number of people you can have at your Oregon wedding includes both your guests AND the vendor staff (i.e. catering staff, officiant, vendor staff, etc.). We recommend to talk with your venue to understand how many staff need to be present.