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The Venue Series: Best Wedding Venues in Woodinville, Washington

indoor Woodinville wedding venue
The Winemakers Reserve in Woodinville

Welcome to The Venue Series! We love helping couples find the best fitting venue for their ideal budget via our standalone Venue Hunt Consultation or Venue Hunt add-on for wedding planning packages. As PNW Planners, we've planned and designed in hundreds of Oregon and Washington venues, and we're sharing some of our favorites and why we love them. All photos featured are from weddings we've coordinated, planned, and/or designed.


Woodinville isn't just a dot on the map; this place is like a secret garden for couples seeking an elevated, quiet backdrop to say “I Do” in. The first time we toured venues in Woodinville, the area stole our hearts. It really is the perfect place to get married if you’re looking for an elevated wedding in an area that’s close to the city but away from the hustle and bustle. 

Woodinville is just a 25 minute drive from the heart of Seattle, so it’s feasible for city locals and out-of-towners who want to stay in a central area to zip over via any rideshare app, and has a few affordable hotel options just minutes away from Woodinville venues. The Columbia Valley has a handful of venues, most of which are also desirable tasting rooms or lodges to entertain or house your guests.

Whether you're drawn to the region's renowned wineries, its lush outdoor settings, or the warm and welcoming community, Woodinville sets the stage for a wedding or even wedding weekend celebration.

Here are some of our favorite Woodinville wedding venues we’ve been to and loved.


Tour Venues in Woodinville

February 4th, 2024

Videographer: Winkler Weddings

If you’re looking for the best opportunity to see some of these Woodinville Wedding Venues, you’ll want to purchase tickets to the Weddings In Woodinville event and tour on February 4th, 2024. Ticket holders (which can be your fiancé, your wedding partner, or any other support systems) get to tour some of the best venues in the area while the venues are all dressed up and styled to the max. Each venue showcased a different design, a plethora of local vendors to meet, and free food, wine, and cocktails while you’re touring each space.

In February 2023, we designed the space in The Winemakers Reserve that attendees still rave about today.  This year, we’ll be planning and designing an extravagant experience at Novelty Hill-Januik Winery. We can’t wait!

Now onto our favorite wedding venues in Woodinville!


Why we love them: Winemakers reserve offers a unique and spacious blank canvas that wine lovers especially will appreciate. The venue’s main event space takes place in their production area, with gleaming, state-of-the-art, steel equipment on display for admiration. It's large enough to bring in large displays or even a bouncy house!

When we designed an event in this space for Weddings in Woodinville 2023, we played to the beauty of the equipment with colored uplights, disco ball galore and other sparkly elements. Seattle Balloon Artists brought in a giant, white bouncy house that was a hit! We also love the ambiance of the space when you turn off all the lights and use the venue’s included bistro lights. 

Insider Tip: The venue provides chairs, but you’ll need to work with a trusted rental company to bring in tables for your wedding. If you want to wow your guests with a transformation, we highly recommend hosting your cocktail hour in the venue’s tasting room and closing the garage to allow for a room flip. For a past event, we brought in black pipe and draping to hide the view beyond the production room entrance to allow for a grand reveal of the space - it was a hit, and we loved seeing the excitement!


Photographer: Kayla Sprint

Why we love them: Willows Lodge is not only a beautiful destination for a summer wedding, but for winter weddings as well! What we love most about this venue is the outdoor garden space, with its beautiful gazebo and trellis, with optional heating and deployable siding to keep guests warm or dry through any season.

The lodge also offers various indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremony and reception that can accommodate up to 150 people. The venue provides all the necessities (chairs, tables, glassware, linens, food and drink) in house to save you money on rentals, as well as onsite lodging, so it’s really a one-stop shop.

The rooms and suites at Willows Lodge are perfect to treat yourself or your wedding party and family, with beautiful jacuzzi tubs and balconies that overlook the gardens. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a short walk up the stairs to your wedding night room after a long day of celebrating.

Insider Tip: The venue provides at least 2 hours of set up time, but if there are no events before your event, you can set up earlier - make sure to keep this in mind if you have complex flower or decor plans.

The venue also provides both room blocks and courtesy blocks at a discount for your group when you book an event, but don’t allow room blocks otherwise.


Photographer: Hatch Photography

Why we love them: Crystal Lake Lodge offers a different scenery than most of the winery venues in Woodinville. This venue is a charming, lakeside lodge surrounded by a lush, wooded landscape for more of a PNW feel. You'll feel immersed in nature with just you and your people. The clubhouse also comes with almost all the amenities you'll need, with chairs, tables, placesettings and even additional options like a PA system you can rent, so if you're looking for a one-stop shop, this place is it!

Insider Tip:  If you're looking for more information, you won't find too much on the internet. It's typically exclusive to the local residents in the area, so anyone hoping to have a wedding here must have a sponsor. Sponsors can either be one of the owners themselves or a local member of the Crystal Lake Clubhouse. Couples interested in getting married here just need to call  for more information and to set up a tour and meeting! You can call Maureen at the Clubhouse's publicly listed number: 206-595-1037


Photographer: Amy Soper Photography

Why we love them: Chateau Lil has both great indoor and outdoor options, with the ability to tent the outdoors spaces for the best of both worlds. The venue is also great for those who want to prioritize guest experience, with goats and alpacas onsite entertain, and a romantic garden area with a pond and gazebo to roam. We also love this venue because the space itself sets the tone for any wedding, with its French-inspired architecture. 

Insider Tip: The venue has a preferred list of caterers that couples are required to choose from, but we’re happy to help narrow down the options depending on your budget and priorities and point you in the right direction.

In addition to caterers, you’ll want to secure an approved planner, which means they have signed a “Planner Agreement”, otherwise you might incur an extra fee. But don’t worry, we’ve already done so!


Can't wait to be here in 2024!

Why we love them: JM Cellars is a really beautiful hidden gem. Unlike some other winery venues and tasting rooms, this venue is tucked away in the forest and feels like you’ve stepped into an elevated backyard garden-party. It’s forested and shaded for hot summer days.

This venue has options for both indoor and outdoors spaces, depending on your guest count. We love that the venue provides wooden tables, which always makes for a more elevated look and fits in perfectly with the scenery. And if wood tables aren’t your style, they have other rentals and options as well. 

Insider Tip: Before you make your bar menu designs, keep in mind that this is a beer and wine exclusive venue, and signature cocktails are limited to two options for 1 hour during the event. We recommend offering only during cocktail hour, of course.

It’s also important to note that parking is very limited, so budgeting for transportation is highly recommended to ensure a smooth event. Don’t know how to do so? We can help!


Can't wait to be here in 2024!

Why we love them: Novelty Hill is one of those venues that always "wow"s guests. It’s tucked away in the hills of Woodinville and has the most beautiful, modern architectural details. If you’re someone looking for a well-designed venue to be your foundation, this is it!

We love their modern courtyard that has polished, cement details and a neutral garden space so you can bring in any design.

Their Terrace Room, dedicated for events, is just as stunning, with high ceilings and modern wooden slat details. One detail we always find ourselves admiring is not only the delicious in-house food and wine, but the kitchen that can be exposed to guests and showcase the magic happening. Nothing like getting your guests excited about dinner like seeing and smelling the preparation!

Insider Tip: We’re one of Novelty Hill-Januik’s preferred planners, and are familiar with all of the venue’s requirements, restrictions and perks.

When planning here, it’s important to note that the beautiful courtyard can be perfect for an al-fresco dinner, but you’ll need to have a guest count well under 100 to do so. The courtyard also requires a specific sized tent, but luckily, their preferred rental company, CORT, is also one of our preferred companies and we always help our couples coordinate all their rentals.

It’s also important to keep in mind that Vendor access doesn’t start until 2pm, since the venue is an active tasting room, you’ll need to plan for a 6pm ceremony or later.


Planning a wedding at any of these venues? We're happy to share our expertise and experience to help you plan your wedding in Woodinville.

We love helping couples find the best fitting venue for their ideal budget via our standalone Venue Hunt Consultation or Venue Hunt add-on for wedding planning packages. As PNW Planners, we've planned and designed in hundreds of Oregon and Washington venues, and we're sharing some of our favorites and why we love them. All photos featured are from weddings we've coordinated, planned, and/or designed.



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