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The Venue Series: Best Wedding Venues in Oregon and Washington


Welcome to the Venue Series! In this series, we as PNW Planners are sharing lists of our favorite venues we've been to and loved by location and by style to help you find your ideal wedding venue in Oregon or Washington.


There are maybe hundreds of great wedding venues in the PNW, but which is the best one for you? Finding your wedding venue is likely one of the first, if not most important steps of wedding planning because it sets the foundation for your wedding day. Most couples spend hours Googling different wedding venues, and even more hours touring venues after they've narrowed it down to a few. And there's a reason why.

There are a million factors that go into what makes a wedding venue best for you: price (perhaps the biggest determiner), guest capacity, included amenities, catering policy, vendor policy, style, seasonality, proximity... the list goes on.

We help many of our couples find their venue (yes, you can definitely hire a planner before you have a venue!) via our Venue Hunt Consultation or add-on to their planning package so they know we're making the best decision for them.

To make the search for your venue easier, we're sharing categorized lists of venues with you to help you find the perfect one. We'll release a new list of venues every week or so. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see when we post a new list of venues! Send us an email or DM on Instagram if there is a certain type of venue you'd like to see featured.

As wedding planners, designers and coordinators, we've had to opportunity to work a few hundred venues since we started planning in 2008. Through our Venue Hunt Add-On or Venue Hunt Consultation service, we work with couples to determine their priorities, budget, and style preferences to build curated lists of venue recommendations as well as to share our notes and experiences as planners.

Check out the Google Map lists to see an overview at the venues we've been to and would love to help you plan your wedding at:


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