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The Venue Series: Indoor Wedding Venues around Portland

The Redd on Salmon - Photography by Rebecca Rizzo


Welcome to the Venue Series!

Your wedding venue is the foundation of your wedding, and you deserve to find one that fits your needs and vision. As PNW Planners, we've planned and designed in hundreds of Oregon and Washington venues. We're sharing some of our favorite venues and why we love them. All photos featured are from weddings we've coordinated, planned, and/or designed. We love helping couples find the best fitting venue via our standalone Venue Hunt Consultation or Venue Hunt add-on for wedding planning packages.


Portland, Oregon, is home to hundreds of wedding venues that are located to allow you to hop to after-party spots or even walk from a nearby hotel. Not to mention, there is a plethora of vendors local to the city so you can avoid travel fees. Rustic, whimsical, boho, or whatever your theme is, Portland has it all.

Yet, with so many choices, it can be hard to narrow down your search. If you're from the Pacific Northwest, you know how unreliable the weather can be. So, an indoor venue is a safe option for winter weddings or those scorching summer days.

Your Perfect Bridesmaid has been lucky enough to work at some of the top indoor venues Portland has to offer. We'll continue to add to this blog, and if you're looking for more indoor or other venue options, contact us to set up your Venue Hunt! Here are 5 indoor Portland Wedding Venues you need to have on your tour list.

Photographers: Kate Ames (1-3), Bekah Taylor Photography (4-7), and Naba Zabih (8-10)

Why we love them: Castaway might be one of the venues we've been to the most! Situated in NW Slabtown, Castaway gets gorgeous light streaming in through the wall-to-wall windows, and has a spacious interior that allows you to bring in any design to transform the space. The modern, industrial space can accommodate any design and has a ton of included amenities, including tables, black folding chairs, a getting ready space, full kitchen and more. Their ceiling also allows for rigging installations like disco balls - not something every venue can do. A small touch, but we also love that the venue comes equipped with house plants that you can move around to use for your wedding!

Insider Tip:  Castaway offers an amazing covered patio space that’s great to host an open-air cocktail hour, bring in a food truck, and more. The space is permanently covered by a tent, but it really comes in handy on hot and rainy days! There are so many ways you can use the space - we've seen dozens of different layouts, and we're happy to help you find the best one for you and your plan.


Photographers: Lauryn Kay Photography (1-3), Lin Jirsa (4-5) and Bekah Taylor Photography (6-9)

Why we love them: Amaterra provides a luxury interior AND exterior space so you get the best of both worlds, and is known for their exquisite in-house catering and wine - we can vouch! Their head chef and team are passionate about their menus, so it’s always a great dinner experience for you and your guests. The light wood walls in their banquet room allow for a variety of modern designs, whether that’s a neutral design or bright colors. It's safe to say that there isn't another venue with an indoor view like Amaterra has. The floor to ceiling windows let in beautiful light, and make for a great backdrop for an indoor ceremony option.

Insider Tip: The interior space can be separated into two rooms with a wall divided if you opt for an all indoor event, which allows us to flip your ceremony space into your reception space without guests having to see the chaos.


Photographers: Nate Meeds (1-4) and Pretty Geeky (5-6)

Why We Love Them: We love the exchange ballroom for its partnerships with the amazing catering company, Vibrant Table, and its rooftop option for cocktail hour and photos! Many couples who want an indoor space also want an outdoor area to escape to during the day, and this venue has both. It’s always easy when your venue and caterer are one and the same for a seamless wedding day. This space also offers unique opportunities to play with lighting for a dramatic transformation, since you can close their floor to ceiling curtains.

Insider Tip: The rooftop is a great addition, but for ceremonies, it’s difficult to get the chairs and equipment up. However the venue has a great system for cocktail hour, and what’s cooler than sipping a drink while overlooking the Portland skyline?!


Photographers: The Ashers (1-3) and Taylor + Madye (4-6)

Why We Love Them: We love the charm that this historic building has to offer, with its white and brick walls and hanging plants that add warmth to the space. It also has beautiful windows. Alcohol services are also provided through the venue, so that means one less vendor you’ll need to book. The venue is also right about Loyal Legion, making it an option for an after party add on.

Insider Tip: The venue has a preferred catering list, and requires full service catering most events, but they’re list is composed of many of our favorite caterers. We know The Evergreen like the back of our hands, and even offer a special day-of coordination planning package for those who book at the Evergreen - ask us about it if you’re getting married at the Evergreen.


Photographers: The Ashers (1-3) and Rebecca Rizzo (4-6)

Why We Love Them: Redd on Salmon by Ecotrust might be one of the best venues for large weddings, with a capacity of 670 in the main hall. While your wedding may not be that big, the space allows for both ceremony and reception to conformably be in one place without needing a room flip. We also love the Redd for its tall ceilings and the ability to bring in dramatic installations, like we did for Juice and Adge’s greenery transformation, and the ability to host large parties like a Sangeet. Not only that, but the venue includes a variety of furniture, like basic chairs, square bistro tables, and round tables to house all your guests.

Insider Tip: Lots of guests mean lots of people needing a place to park - you can rent a parking lot through the venue with a separate agreement, or we can help you coordinate transportation with one of our favorite companies! Ecotrust also has a few other venue spaces that we've also worked at - check them out!


More Indoor Weddings Coming Soon!



Want to know that you've found the best venue?

We love helping couples find the best fitting venue for their ideal budget via our standalone Venue Hunt Consultation or Venue Hunt add-on for wedding planning packages. As PNW Planners, we've planned and designed in hundreds of Oregon and Washington venues, and we're sharing some of our favorites and why we love them. All photos featured are from weddings Your Perfect Bridesmaid has coordinated, planned, and/or designed. View more of our Venue Series Blogs below:



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