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6 Ways To Incorporate Your Dog into the Wedding!

For all the dog parents who have fur babies they want to incorporate in their wedding either physically or in spirit, here are a few ways to feature your pup on your wedding day.
Two dogs on a Wedding Cake
Photo by Wiley Putnam & Cake by Harbor Cakes


So you want to incorporate your four-legged friend into your wedding - good news is, we've helped couples feature their dog in a few different ways.

Whether you want your dog to be present or just include them in small details, here are six creative ideas to incorporate your dog into your special day!

1. Getting Ready

First Photo by Woven Leagacies

Second photo by Krysta and Nick

Having your dog hang around can help soothe any wedding jitters and provide a relaxing feel - just remember to pack a lint roller. Sometimes the wedding day can be stressful for dogs, but if your venue, hotel or other getting ready area allows, you can spend the morning with them and have a friend take them home before the chaos ensues.

2. Walking Down the Aisle

First photo by Luke and Mallory

Second photo by Smith & Co. Photography (could not find website)

Give your pup the biggest honor and your guests the best entertainment and include them in your processional order! This is best done with a dog handler so you can make sure your pup is taken care of after they walk. We like to recommend a friend or a company like Wags and Garland or Wags Down The Aisle.

Most couples think of adding their dogs into the typical flower child or ring bearer spot (right before the last partner walking), but you might actually want to consider having them walk after both partners so you can watch them walk down the aisle. It's a moment you might not want to miss!

Don't forget to pick out a bowtie or flower collar for them!

3. New Family Photo

First photo by Luke and Mallory

Second photo by Olivia Martens Photo

Third photo by Krysta and Nick

Fourth photo by Sweetlife Photography

Now that you're married and starting your own little family, you've got to include your baby in your first family photos. Have your dog meet your before ceremony or during cocktail hour and join for photos with you.

4. In the Cake

First photo by Jenny GG -- Cake by Harbor Cakes

Second photo by Wiley Putnam -- Cake by Harbor Cakes

Maybe you don't want to worry about your dog during your big day, and that's okay! There are plenty of fun ways to still incorporate them - such as onto your cake. Fun ideas include on the cake topper or having them peek out from beneath the frosting.

5. Signage

First photo by Kelsey Straus

Second photo by In The Alpenglow

Third photo by Olivia Martens Photo

Fourth photo by Erin Perkins Photography

The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to ways to symbolically include your pet via signage. It could be a life-sized cutout of your dog, signature cocktails named after your pups, custom napkins, or just a little shout out to all the dogs out there.

6. BONUS - Wedding-worthy outfits for your Dog

If you are going to incorporate your dog or pet in your wedding, you might as well do so in style! Here are a few of our favorite outfits we've seen that were too good not to share.


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