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Three subtle ways to incorporate your favorite sports team into your wedding

A blog for all the soon-to-be-married sports fanatics!

"I married into this" tshirt gift for bride or groom
Photo by NW Film Co

Your passion for your favorite sports team is a big part of who you are, and maybe it is a big part of your relationship - or, let's be real, maybe your love for a team is actually a hot button conflict if your favorite teams are rivals. No matter - adding small references or details of your favorite team to your wedding can make your day unique to you! Your wedding is your day, so why not add in your favorite things? From jerseys to bobbleheads, here are three ways to incorporate sports teams into a wedding that we've seen our couples do.

1. Socks!

Groomsmen Showing off their Team Socks on wedding day

Photo by Pretty Geeky

Sport your team on your socks, or even consider gifting socks to your wedding party with their favorite team's logo to wear during the ceremony. The socks show off their individuality and are a fun small detail to look for in the photos.

2. Create Custom Bobbleheads or Figurines

Bride and Groom Bobbleheads with Baseball Caps

Photo by Sarah Anne

Looking for a fun table topper? A Bride and Groom bobblehead wearing a baseball hat of your favorite team is a for-sure stand out! The bobblehead is a fun, small detail that you can subtly slide into your table decor or add on top of your cake. It will also make for a great wedding memento.

3. Take Photos in Your Jerseys

Photo by Anais Possamai

When it is time to take the couple portraits, consider slipping on a custom jersey for a few shots! For a more special approach, consider customizing the jerseys with your newly matching last names. You may not root for the same team, but at least you can sport your shared names! We love the "I married into this" shirt that Brian surprised Julie with. You may chose you who love, but sometimes that come with consequences like having to supporting your rival team.

Bride wearing a "I married into this" sports shirt
Photo by NW Film Co


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