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Wedding Planning with COVID-19 

Your guide on how to approach COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions

Dear couples,


We know that even in the best of times, wedding planning can be stressful. After all, that is why we have a job. Sadly, for many of you, the COVID-19 health crisis has taken wedding stress to unprecedented levels. 

We have two blogs that we constantly update when new information becomes available. We're here to make things simple, and in those blogs, you'll find all the information pertaining to COVID-19 and weddings.

We have lived with COVID-19 for a year now (crazy!) and we have stayed active in finding the best ways to keep you safe and be able to celebrate love.

As a founder and Vice President of Live Events Industry of Oregon (LEIO), a coalition of 4500+ event professionals in Oregon, I have regular meetings and interaction with local and state officials about these guidelines.

If you need anything, you can reach me at: info@yourperfectbridesmaid, or by phone at: 503.984.8652.

Our goal is to keep you informed and to ensure you feel supported. And please remember, while your wedding may need to be rescheduled, #loveisnotcancelled. And once we get through this, folks are going to want to party. Your wedding is going to be the perfect opportunity to celebrate Life and Love!


Take care! Be well!



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