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Greenery-foward wedding at Noble Ridge Tree Deck - Alyssa and Jackson

August | Sometimes all you need is an incredible mountain view and greenery for a memorable wedding.

Ceremony view with wooden chairs at Noble Ridge Tree Deck in Washugol

| Photo By Luke + Mallory |

We loved how Alyssa and Jackson prioritized elevated wooden chairs instead of white folding chairs, but kept the tablescape simple with greenery-forward centerpieces. Sometimes you only need to elevate one aspect of your design to make a statement! They also opted for food carts for a more casual dinner, and for logistical reasons since the venue didn't have a prep kitchen onsite. However, they didn't skip on the service - an essential part of the vendor team was The Waitstaff Team, who helped ensure the food service was smooth and gave a heavy helping hand to our team to flip the space after ceremony.

We consider ourselves blessed and lucky to have gotten to be one of the preferred planners at Noble Ridge Tree Deck. Alyssa and Jackson's wedding was one of the first times we've planned and designed in the space, and we've had the pleasure of being there multiple times since. This venue is undeniably beautiful, but requires a lot of logistical planning to be able to flip the space from ceremony to reception without keeping your guests waiting for too long. Ask us how you can make the most of your day at Noble Ridge Tree Deck - we're happy to share our expertise!

See The Vendor Team who made this day a reality at the end of the gallery.

The Vendor Team

Coordinator and Stylist - Your Perfect Bridesmaid

Officiant - DIY

Catering - Verde Cocina

Dessert - Saint Cupcake

Photographer - Luke + Mallory

Florist - Solabee Floral

DJ/Band - Apogee

Rentals - Party Place

Hair & Makeup - NW Makeup and Hair

Love what you see? We would love to help you achieve your unique wedding vision. Let us provide tailored vendor recommendations and create a unique design that fits your style and your budget. Don't have a venue yet? No problem. Having a planner as the first step in the process can save you time, energy and money.


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