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With everything up in the air, how do I ask my guests to Save the Date?

Right now couples are in a bit of predicament. On one hand, 2021 is set to be the busiest wedding season in a long time given all of the 2020 reschedules. On the other hand, most states like Oregon and Washington are in a freeze, as we try to get our infection rates down. With the all the uncertainty, couple's are saying it's hard to know whether they should send out Save the Dates. While there are many details to consider and we work with each client to come up with a personalized game plan depending on their unique situation, we did want to share a few options that may work well for you.

1. Embrace the craziness. Everyone you are sending Save the Dates to are well aware of the pandemic. They get it, so embrace it. Work with your designer to incorporate some light-hearted text like:

  1. August 7th, 2021 (we hope)

  2. We are getting married some time in 2021, check out our website for current info.

2. Make technology your friend!! Because things are a little up in the air for 2021, I really suggest that couples have a wedding website and direct their guests there asap! Having a website will allow you to communicate any change of plans quickly. This will be especially nice if you have a few rounds of changes, or any last minute changes.

3. Keep it simple. If you don't feel comfortable spending money on a printed Save the Date that may need to be changed, then keep it simple and send out emails. Again, everyone totally gets the cluster that is 2020. Send a group email to your must have attendees. As a bonus you will then have everyone's email addresses should you need to make any last minute updates/changes.

I know the uncertainty is maddening and its making things even more complicated, but we are here for you. If you would like to talk thru things, reach out. Our email is: We happy to help anyway we can.


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