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We're so happy we got to meet you at the Seattle Wedding Show! To thank you for your time, we wanted to share a few resources with you that will help you along your planning journey. If you'd like more help during the planning process and an expert to support you and take the stress away on your wedding day, reach out below to schedule your free consultation (and get $100 off if you book by March 1st) or scroll for some life-saving resources for your wedding planning journey.

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free resources

Guide To Vendor Consultations

Searching for your wedding vendors, inquiring for availability and deciding which is the best fit can be a full time job. This guide will help make the vendor search easier and make sure you're asking the right questions to help you find the best vendors for you.

Oh Shit Checklist FREEBEE cover.png
Oh $@!t Packing List

Packing for your wedding day can be chaos - download this guide to use as your checklist when you pack for an amazing day. We've detailed the most commonly forgotten items in here so you don't make the same mistake.

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See you at our next event!
See you at our next event!
See you at our next event!

Come see the design board we previewed in action at Weddings In Woodinville: a luxury chauffeured venue tour around 6 of Woodinville's top wedding venues. Your Perfect Bridesmaid is planning an extravagant and glamourous design inspired by Studio 54 and the late 70's and early 80's at The Winemakers Reserve. Our theme: "Elton John, Cher and David Bowie Walk Into A Bar."

February 5th

In Case you Missed it

We shared a few of our favorite wedding designs and styles at our booth. If you didn't get a chance to see it, browse below for inspiration from real weddings in the PNW.

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