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Why you should always have two planners on your wedding day

(and why our company always provides you with them)

Your Perfect Bridesmaid has been serving couples for 13 years now, and one of the big things we learned pretty early on is that we ALWAYS need to have at least 2 planners onsite come wedding day.

No doubt about it, we are much better wedding planners (and much better business owners) than we were when we started YPB 13 years ago. We have had the privilege of planning over 1000 weddings since we started, and each of those weddings taught us something and made us better. That experience, those lessons, are what we bring to our couples today, and I think it is what makes us so darn good at our jobs.

I know when couples are looking through packages, the idea of having two planners may seem unnecessary. Me just saying, “trust me” doesn’t really explain the why, so I thought I would give some examples of the “why” from our past few weddings to hopefully explain why we always provide 4 hands to do our jobs correctly and ensure your wedding is what we promised it would be.

Why Do We Always Provide Couples With Two Planners?

For the Double Duty Set Up

We often help couples get more out of their decorations by repurposing florals and décor, like these aisle floral pieces we moved after the ceremony to the sweetheart table. Photo by Luke and Mallory Photography.

Come the day-of, we are responsible for setting up, decorating, and placing your personal items. Having two people on site allows us to get everything done, mind the details and keep things on time… but quite frankly, some things simply require two people. For instance, setting up or moving tables is a two person job. A lot of DIY setup requires two people. Making sure things are *just* right requires a second eye.

While set up is happening, you as the couple are also getting ready and doing pictures. As your day-of coordinator, we need to be in two places at once to make sure your design is as planned AND you have everything you need. While we are putting linens on tables, place table numbers, setting up welcome tables, laying out your menus, place cards, favors, we are also helping set up your first look, pin boutonnieres, bustle your dress, fold pocket squares for groomsmen, sew buttons, hem pants, find band-aids…. and anything else that you, your family or wedding party need during the day. Simply put… .we often need to be in two places at once. In order to ensure you are taken care of, your setup is done well (and done on time), we need two people.

For When Something Isn’t According to The Plan

Things happen. And we can plan for it as much as possible, but sometimes things happen. And we need to be able to fix them. One past wedding, a rental company brought the wrong color napkins. So mid set up, we had to drive to the rental store to grab the correct color. This required one planner to run to the store, and another to hold down the fort and continue setting up the venue. If we only had one person, we either would have had to keep the wrong napkins, or left everyone without support. We never want to be stuck making those decisions. “Stuff happens.” It is our job to deal with that stuff so you or your family doesn’t have to. We need two people to handle it properly.

For Flawless Ceremony Coordination

Another one of our promises to you is to ensure your ceremony goes smoothly so the entirety of the focus is on you. We line up the wedding party, cue song changes, and ensure everything is flawless. To do this well, we need two planners. One planner stays with the bride and carries her dress when it's time, and the other handles the wedding party and DJ cues.

For Any Transition Between Events

We want these events to be seamless - and you likely do too, which is why you want a wedding planner (two, actually). Two planners ensure these transitions are quickly executed. One planner may be helping with the marriage license post-ceremony, but the other planner is organizing & moving chairs, tables and décor pieces so everything is ready as soon as cocktail hour is over.

For instance, one past wedding we re-purposed the arbor after the ceremony to frame the wedding cake. Moving that arbor, without disturbing the floral, required two people.

For A Swift and Organized Clean up

At the end of the night, the last thing you want to do is clean. One of the best things about having a day-of coordinator is knowing you and your family aren’t going to be stuck cleaning up at the end of the night. We take care of cleaning up, boxing up and hauling out your personal items to whatever car(s) are taking them home. You will be rather surprised how much stuff you acquire. Between personal items, gifts, leftover food, cake, alcohol, flowers… it all has to go. Having two people manage the clean up process means it's done quickly so that those who are taking things home can leave quickly.


We want to promise our best always, and our best requires two people. We realize it is something you may not realize until after the wedding, but we hope that afterwards you think, “Wow… that was better than I thought.”

I hope these examples give you a real world understanding of why two planners onsite is a necessity, for us, it's the only way to do things. We want to do our absolute best for you, because you deserve our very best.

Our packages ensure a lot more than just two planners. Browse our services to see what else we promise to all our couples or contact us to see how we can fulfill your wedding needs and desires.



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