Reasons Why Its Important To Make Progress On Your Wedding Planning, Despite COVID-19.


We know it can be hard to focus on wedding planning when the world is fighting a global pandemic. Even writing that makes my heart sink, but there are several reasons, why you should use this time to make significant progress on your wedding planning to-do list.



Time: Because many of us find ourselves working from home, and practicing the CDC's Social Distancing reccomendations, many of us our finding ourselves with time on our hands. Use this time to get a head start on your wedding planning and make serious progress so things aren't so overwhelming once we get back to our normal routines.



A Happy Distraction: If you are like me, you are spending a lot of time watching the news (and praying for our loved one's safety). While its good to stay informed it can also do a number on our mental health. Wedding planning can be a happy distraction that pulls you away for a bit ot focus on the happier days to come. 



Limited Availability: Because couples are having to move their Spring weddings to 2021, availability for venues and vendors is going to be greatly limited. We want to make sure you are able to book your favorite vendors for the date you want. We cannot stress enough how important it is to lock folks in NOW. 



Your Budget Will Go Further: Many of our favorite vendors (over 100 of them so far) are offering couples incredible price savings on their services. The entire wedding industry knows many folks have been temporaily laid off so we have come to together to offer price savings to hopefully ease the burden. 



And while we know it can be scary to make progress given the uncertainty,  there are a few things you can do to protect your investment so you can feel confident moving forward.



Review Cancelation/Postponement Policies: Make sure you have it written in your contract, that should you need to move your date that you can move your wedding to a mutally agreed upon date without penalty. Your planner can help you negotiate this with your vendors. 



Adjust Your Expected List: If you are uncertain about how many friends and family members will be able to travel, have your initial proposals drawn up for a very conservative guest count estimate. You can always adjust your numbers upwards. 


While I know these are scary and uncertain times, I also know life will return to normal, and your wedding is going to be the celebration your friends and family are going to need. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you make progress on your wedding planning, please reach out to us at:


Be well! And please know, if you need anything, we are here to help!







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